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  • boo-box


    Boo-box Self-service is an online media platform specially developed so you can create a new campaign in just a few steps. All you have to do is define your goal, the investment, which goes from R$10 to R$10.000, and upload your banners. In case you don`t have banners, it is possible to create new banners with the Ad factory.

    • In case your banners aren`t ready, you can create them with the Ad factory.|Caso não tenha banners prontos, é possível criar suas peças online na Fábrica de anúncios.|En caso de no tener listos los banners, puedes crearlos con Ad Factory.
    • You define your budget and how many people you want to reach with your campaign.|Você define o investimento que deseja fazer e já sabe quantas pessoas atingirá com a sua campanha!|Defines tu presupuesto y cuánta gente quieres llegar con tu campaña.
    • Create your own campaigns with self-service!|Com o self-service você mesmo cria suas campanhas!|Crea tus propias campañas con Self-service!
  • Zenzey


    The most insightful real-time algorithms to empower your business in the social universe. Social Media Analysis in real-time, with modern sentiment analysis techniques and clear visualizations. We catch every tweet flying around, examining its author, social impact, verbal tense, adjectives and even sense of humor. Everything can be configured: Topics, Filters, Dimensions, Campaigns. Speed and Intelligence are Zenzey’s core.

    • Go to zenzey.com and have fun with the demo!|Visite zenzey.com e divirta-se com a demo!|Visita zenzey.com y diviértete con la demo!
    • Zenzey searches social media networks and returns the amount of tweets mentioning your brand. You can check exactly what people are saying about you and how they are feeling.|O Zenzey procura por todas as menções da sua marca nas redes sociais. Você pode conferir exatamente o que estão dizendo sobre você e como estão se sentindo.|Zenzey busca todas las menciones de su marca en las redes sociales. Podrás revisar qué está diciendo la gente sobre ti y cómo se sienten al respecto.
  • The Whuffie Bank


    The greatest Twitter user database, their online reputation and interests, all in one place. With the ambition to help users capitalize their power and influence, The Whuffie Bank have won prestigious awards around the world (including TechCrunch50).

    • Whuffies are the virtual currency at Whuffie Bank! They are directly related to the people’s reputation, accordingly to the content they produce online.|Os Whuffies são a moeda virtual do Whuffie Bank! Estão diretamente relacionados à reputação da pessoa, de acordo com o conteúdo produzido por ela na web.|Los Whuffies son la moneda virtual en Whuffie Bank! Están directamente relacionados a la reputación de la persona, de acuerdo al contenido que produce en Internet.
    • Find the most valuable key opinion makers for each subject on the web.|Encontre os formadores de opinião mais valiosos para cada assunto na web.|Encuentre los formadores de opinión más importantes en cada tópico en Internet.
  • Meaningtool Engine


    The engine behind our Behavioral Targeting solution, categorizes text in real time. Today, is being used to understand the active content in all .ORG domains worldwide. The first semantic engine that learns!

    • Engine Meaningtool

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